“Restore us, God Almighty; make your face shine on us, that we may be saved.”



About us

The west coast of Kochi is world renowned as the queen of the Arabian Sea. On this coast lies parish of saude aglow with the historical memories of Portuguese heritage and hegemony. St. John Pattom is a part of the parish of saude dedicated to our lady of health. The first occupation of the Portuguese was Fortkochi. The parish of Saude situated at the southern tip of Fortkochi originally formed the part of the diocese of cochin known as the second diocese of India. When the diocese of Alleppy was carved out of the diocese of Cochin in 1952 the parish of Saude became the part of the diocese of Alleppy.





The Miraculous Vision


The fourth September 1998 is a red letter day in spiritual annals of St. John Pattom. That very night about  8’ a couple living in the vicinity of the shrine of Messiah came to the shrine to pray was given a miraculous vision. They saw the holy image of the face of Jesus in the obdomen of the statue of the crucified Lord. That very night thousands of people flocked to witness the vision. Five days later, on 9/9/1998 Wednesday at 1 in the afternoon all on a sudden the image disappeared. But after half an hour it returned. These facts are testified by the witnesses. The image bears a striking similarity to that of the shroud of Turin. This phenomenon can be considered a pointer to the people falling deeper into worldliness to return to the cross of Christ.


The parish of Saude has a traditional catholic community whose origin is traced back to St. Thomas, the disciple and apostle of Jesus Christ .The same community was strengthened of the nourishment offered by St. Francis Xavier. The majority of the parishioners are fisher folk. The rest are engaged in different occupations. The highlight of the parish is an Anglo Indian community deeply rooted in their spiritual traditions. The historian have recorded that in 1511 some Jews migrated to St. John Pattom. The occurrence of this miraculous incident in St. John Pattom where Jews, whose genelogy is linked to Jesus, found a safe haven, cannot be considered a casual event. The name St. John Pattom is due to the existence of a Church in the name of St. John(later destroyed by sea erosion) during the Portuguese dispensation. St. John press established by Portuguese missionaries is an eloquent example of the cultural history of this place. The parish of saude was represented in the council of Udayamperoor of 1599. Ancient forms of art like chavittunadakam, ( a type of drama acted out by heavy pounding of feet and gesticulations accompanied by music) Kalaripayatt (gladiatorism) and circus flourished in St. John pattom on 17/10/1997 earned a place for this coastal village in the historical records.

The shrine of messiah

The shrine of the messiah at St. John pattom is 150 years old. Right from the very beginning the faithful used to gather at the shrine and offer fervent prayers. Every Friday special prayer service was held. Since an ancient small crucifix was placed at the shrine ,it came to be called the shrine of the messiah.

The crucifix that was made fifty years ago for the solemn conduct of the way of the cross is the present miraculous one. Night and day people from near and far used to come here and pray with lighted candles. Since the blessing of the new Emmanuel Church, every Friday both morning and evening novena of the holy cross is being conducted. There is a stream of pilgrims to the shrine from all over Kerala ,Tamilnadu and Karnataka since the happenings of  September 4,1998. Many of them obtained extraordinary favours. Every Friday holy Eucharist, Adoration, Novena and the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament are conducted. The fest of the exaltation of the cross is celebrated at the holy face pilgrim centre on the third Sunday of September.





MORNING : 6:00 AM - Holy Mass,8:30 AM - Holy Mass,9:30 AM TO 11:00 AM - Catechism

EVENING : 6:00 PM - Holy Mass
MORNING : 7.00 AM Holy Mass

MORNING : 7.00 AM - Holy Mass & Novena,10.30 AM - Rosary Of Mercy,11.00 AM - Holy Mass,Novena & Adoration

EVENING : 3.30 PM - Rosary Of Mercy,4.00 PM - Novena, Adoration,5.00 PM - Holy Mass,Novena & Adoration
Saturday MORNING : 7:00 AM - Holy Mass

EVENING : 5:00 PM - Confession,6:30 PM - Evening Prayer,7:30 PM TO 8:00 PM - Adoration